06 May 2014

Quickly Review 341(a) Cases in CaseLink Web

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Trustee Tip:

341(a) Prep Sheet Wizard allows you to view the exact information you need and be more efficient

Asset-Tracking120CaseLink Web offers trustees an abundance of customized options and the 341(a) Prep Sheet Wizard is another one to add to the list. A simple two-step wizard has been developed to allow users to build and customize their 341(a) Prep Sheet. The Prep Sheet has been designed to display a significant portion of detail from the debtors’ petitions and schedules. It creates a condensed version of the most critical debtor information making it quick and easy to review cases with a simple glance. This condensed version will help you to get through more 341(a) meetings, allowing you to be more efficient.

How to Customize 341(a) Prep Sheets

To start the process of customizing your Prep Sheets, find Profile on the Global Tool Bar and choose 341(a) Prep Sheet.  Next, choose the Customized Prep Sheets tab. Click New to begin.


Complete each section of the report by selecting just the data you want included. Each section of the report has multiple fields that can be added. Another available option is the redaction of debtor Social Security Numbers that can be implemented into the sections to protect PII.

Other Prep Sheet sections that may be customized include:

  • Headers
  • Schedule Detail
  • Tax Return Information
  • Executory Contracts
  • Priority/Unsecured Debt
  • Means Test
  • Statement of Financial Affairs
  • Milestones
  • Income Calculations
  • Vehicle Valuations


Within each of these sections, the user can choose the related fields in which to include additional data or use the fields as placeholders to be filled in during the meeting.

The 341(a) Prep Sheet can be further customized using the last section on the wizard -Additional Questions. The Additional Questions section allows you to create any number of ‘Yes/No’, ‘Short Text’ and ‘Long Text’ questions.


Click Next to proceed. In Step 2 you can name the report and add any custom comments. Click Save to proceed.


The report now appears in the Customized Prep Sheet view. From here the user can edit, copy and delete the template.


To run the Prep Sheet, go to the 341(a) view and choose your custom Prep Sheet from the Select Action drop-down. Make sure to pick the cases to include with a checkbox before clicking on Go.

Customizing the 341(a) Prep Sheet allows you to view the most relevant data and prompts you to ask the exact questions you need in order to make your meeting docket flow more smoothly so that you can get more done.

Watch the Live Webinar on May 13th

To learn more about customizing Prep Sheets, make sure to sign up for our May 13th training at 1pm (EDT). To join the webinar, log into the BMS Training Portal to sign up for the webinar hosted by BMS Manager of Training and Development, Karrie Spies.

To view the webinar:
1) Log into https://bms7.webex.com/
2) Click on Training Center.
3) Under Live Sessions click on the Upcoming Tab.
4) Locate and click on the May 13th topic titled “CLW – Customize your Prep Sheet“.
5) Click on “Add to My Calendar” to ensure you don’t miss this info.

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