03 Sep 2015

Pre-Game Report: CaseLink Web 5.0 Looks Pumped

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CLW-CaseAdminReinvented-CloudLogo-720x576CaseLink Web has had a great year, with a long series of “wins” over the last few months as both new and loyal clients have signed on to the platform. With momentum behind it, CaseLink Web 5.0, the latest release of BMS’s cloud-based case administration platform, is almost ready to take the field.

Coming soon, CaseLink Web 5.0 offers many refinements to an already-mature cloud platform. BMS’s product team will be delivering a major release that adds depth to many existing features, streamlines established workflows, and introduces new time-saving features.

Among the 5.0 enhancements is a revamped Auditor, which includes a new UST Tool that mimics the reports that most Trustees receive in response to their TIR. BMS has designed the tool to handle all UST and compliance concerns. CaseLink Web users can get ahead of the game by accessing the UST Tool before they submit their TIR.

The Auditor tool has been enhanced with a series of UST reports that find common issues that UST offices look for on reports that are submitted. Use these tools before sending in your reports.

The Auditor tool has been enhanced with a series of UST reports – run one, two or all these reports before you turn in your reports.

A time-saving feature has been added to Auditor that allows users to save searches. This means CaseLink Web users can save and give names to commonly run searches for later re-use. Once the user has set up a query, just clicking a button shows an instant replay! It’s a smart way to reduce time spent on recurring queries.

QuikText is a new feature in CaseLink Web 5.0 that allows users to type in an abbreviated amount of text and, with a simple keystroke, convert that text into a longer phrase – a terrific timesaver when keying in the same phrases again and again. Users familiar with QuikText in CaseLink Office will certainly cheer at seeing this productivity-enhancing addition.

In CaseLink Web, QuikText is a personalized feature that allows for individual settings and shortcuts, and it works in more text fields than on the other platform. An enhancement to this feature in CaseLink Web, QuikText shortcut phrases may be set up to add a date stamp along with the longer phrase.New team functionality enables users in the same office to share shortcuts with each other. This feature can save time setting up individual shortcuts for all staff members and provides a consistent way for the entire team to benefit from using the same playbook.

CaseLink Web | QuikText

Setting up QuikText shortcuts is simple in CaseLink Web.

The To-Do List is an example of a feature that’s not just new—it’s been thoroughly integrated into multiple workflows within CaseLink Web 5.0. Built to be both strong and flexibile, this feature lets users build a To-Do List from all events available on the Calendar and sort and filter items as needed. The To-Do List is available as a stand-alone screen, as a new tab in the Calendar portlet on the Home screen, as a slider that can be accessed while working anywhere in the program, as well as a printed report.

CaseLink Web 5.0 | To Do List in the Calendar Portlet

The new To Do List can be found in the Calendar portlet on the CaseLink Web home screen.


To Do List as a slider

CaseLink Web also provides the To Do List in a slider so that your list is with you as you work throughout the day…on any screen.

BMS places a premium on feedback from customers, and we’ve incorporated that feedback into the CaseLink Web 5.0 release. For example, we’ve made changes to Custom Queries so that users can build complex queries with “AND” and “OR” statements and added the ability to export query data to Excel.

CaseLink Web 5.0 | Enhanced Custom Queries

Custom Queries feature now allows for and/or statements and export results to Excel.

We want users to feel that when they sit down to accomplish a task in CaseLink Web, that they have the freedom to take the ball and run with it. That’s why so much attention has been given in this release to enhancing the overall user experience and boosting productivity.

Expect to hear more news later this month about CaseLink Web 5.0’s release. If you have any questions about CaseLink Web 5.0 or would like to know more about moving to the cloud-based platform, contact your Account Manager or complete an online inquiry.