03 Sep 2015

Power Up Your Banking Transactions with CaseLink Office 13.25

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BMS | CaseLink Office http://www.bmsadvantage.com/chapter7bankruptcy/caselink-officeA new version of CaseLink Office was made available last month, with updates to the Rabobank address on checks, deposit slips and all bank forms, as well as a new required field on outgoing wire forms.

This upgrade is required for all Chapter 7 clients in order to prevent delays to your banking transactions.

Action Required

Please be sure to upgrade to this latest version of CaseLink Office as soon as possible. It’s easy to upgrade! Just follow the prompts within CaseLink Office to download and install the new version.

Note: Be sure to sync any LITE systems before performing the upgrade. You should also ensure that all computers in your office that run CaseLink Office are upgraded to this new version.

If you need assistance with performing the upgrade, please contact the software team in the BMS Support Center – we’ll be happy to help.

Learn more about these updates below!

UPDATE! Bank Address on Banking Documents

Rabobank has recently changed their address, so CaseLink Office has updated several documents to reflect this change:

2100 South Blosser Rd.
Santa Maria, CA 93458-7312

This change has been made to the following banking documents:

• Outgoing Wire Form
• Wire Transfer Tax Payment Form
• Incoming Wire Form
• ACH Form
• Deposit Slips

An example of the new address is provided below:

NEW! Bank Address Format on Checks

The Rabobank address on checks now only prints the city and state, as shown below.

CaseLink Office Update 13.24

UPDATE! Outgoing Wire Form – Reference Field is Now A Required Field

It is now required that the “Reference” field for all Outgoing Wire Forms be completed in order to speed up the processing of such requests. The required field is shown below with the red box:

CaseLink Office 13.24 Update