01 Jun 2016

Power Tools: Trustee Fee Tracking in CaseLink

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For those big summer projects, you may need to break out the power tools to get the job done. With BMS software, you have many power tools at your disposal—and when your project is as big as keeping track of your Trustee Fee payments, you know you’re covered with CaseLink!

Tracking your Trustee Fee payments is very important in the event that your district may discover extra funds and put the word out to any trustees who can prove they are due to them, after which time those trustees will get paid the extra funds.

Trustees who keep careful track their fee payments in CaseLink are more likely to be reimbursed these extra funds due to the easy tracking and reporting function of the software.

Learn how to drill down into and easily keep track of your Trustee Fees in CaseLink, below!


CaseLink Web

To easily track your Trustee Fees in CaseLink Web, you can use the Batch Fee Update tool. From the Home Page, click on “Tools” in the global menu along the top, and then select “Batch Fee Update.”


The Batch Fee Update screen automatically pulls in a list of all of your cases, whether or not a fee has been paid on it. To narrow down this list to the cases to which you’d like to add a fee, use the filters at the top of the screen, shown below.


You can search on a case-by-case basis (such as a range of cases from earliest number to latest number), or you can search specific criteria by which to filter, as shown below.


Once you have selected the items you would like to filter, click the blue “Search” button. When you are satisfied with the list of cases, you can start to update fees to specific cases. To do this, select the checkbox to the left of each case in the list to which you would like to add a fee, then go to the Select Action dropdown menu at the top right of the screen and click “Update Cases with Fee Payment.”


Select the Date Paid (the date that the check was written) and the Amount to apply, then click “Go.” This will automatically apply that fee payment to the cases you selected from your list.

Also from this screen, you can print PDF or CSV reports of the Fee Status for all cases. From the Select Action dropdown menu, click “Print to PDF” or “Print CSV,” then click “Go.” A report will be downloaded to your local computer that looks like the below example.


Fees are only editable through this screen; however, you can also view them from your Case screen. On the Case screen portlet titled “Other Information,” you are able to view if fees have been paid and the amount, as shown below.


CaseLink Office

To track your Trustee Fees in CaseLink Office, you can use the Batch Fee Update tool, or update on an individual basis. You can also print reports of your Fee Payment Status to view and have on hand.

To use the Batch Fee Update tool, click on the “Closed Case(s) have not received a fee” link under the Trustee section of the home screen.


Alternatively, you may go to “Case Administration > Batch Fee Update” from the global menu at the top of the screen.


Either method will invoke the Batch Fee Entry screen which will show a list of all of your cases. To batch update cases, select the cases you would like to update, enter an Amount and Date Paid, and then click “OK.”


To filter the list, click “Set Filter” at the bottom of the screen, which will open the Filter Expression Builder, shown below. Enter expressions with a condition of “And/Or” between each expression, and when you are finished click “OK.”


After you have selected the cases you would like to update, entered the Amount and Date Paid, and clicked “OK,” you will receive a notification that the cases have been updated.

To update cases on an individual case basis, navigate to the Case tab at the far left of the screen, and click “Edit Case” at the bottom of the screen. Select “Fee Paid” and enter the Fee Date and Amount, then click “Save.”



To print a report of your Fee Payment Status, click “Reports” on the Main Menu toolbar, then select the Fee Payment Status report from the Case tab.  This will open the Fee Payment Status Report Parameters screen, shown below.



Choose which filters you would like to apply to the report, then click “Preview,” “Print,” or “Save to PDF.”