01 Sep 2017

Post-It No-No’s: Never Write Down Passwords

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Post-its are essential school supplies; however, for storing passwords they get an F minus. A password on a post-it makes it easy for a thief or hacker to get into your system and access your private information.

So, don’t learn the hard way—avoid using post-it’s to write down passwords, and discover better ways to keep passwords safely stored below!

Better Ways to Store Passwords

You don’t need a locker to store all of your passwords securely—there are many A+ options out there which pass security tests with flying colors.

The easiest way to store all of your passwords is by using a password manager. Using a password manager, you can keep track of all of the different passwords for each of your accounts. These services encrypt your data so that even if a hacker does manage to break into your account, they will not be able to read or access your information.

What to do if you have a Password Post-it

If you have a post-it with your password written on it, do not simply throw it away—this can fall into the wrong hands and put you and your firm at risk.

First, find a secure solution to house your password(s) as discussed previously.

Second, after your passwords have been entered into a password manager, follow your firm’s sensitive document disposal policy to dispose of the post-it. If your company does not have such a policy, use a paper shredder.

If you have questions about using a password manager, please contact BMS Hardware Support for assistance.