23 Dec 2013

Post Incoming Wire Funds to Balance Ledger in CaseLink Office

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Banking Tip:

Post Incoming Wire Funds to Balance Ledger in CaseLink Office

Wire transactions can be tricky, as incoming wires are actions that you do not initiate through CaseLink Office. Because of this, the credit entry associated with an incoming wire will not pre-populate into the case ledger. Caselink Office will update the available balance showing you the incoming wire on the next business day after the wire was received; however, you will then need to add (post) the incoming wire to the case ledger in order to make your balances match.

In CaseLink Office, you have the ability to post the incoming wire from  the Bank Communication screen. Follow the steps below to learn how:

Step 1:

Go to the tool bar on the Home Page and select the Bank Communication tab and then Received Items. Transactions located here will be in order by date.

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Step 2:

Locate and highlight the incoming wire transaction you need, then click Post to Ledger.


Step 3:

The Create Ledger Adjustment screen will pop-up. This will allow you to create the actual adjustment to the ledger.

  • Leave the transaction as a Deposit Adjustment.
  • The Date, Cleared On and Amount fields will automatically populate.
  • Next, type in the Name and select a Description and Category from the drop-down fields.
  • Save the adjustment then click Close. The Close option will only be available once the adjustment is saved.


Step 4:

Once the adjustment has been saved you will need to select Mark as Reviewed in order for the Incoming Wire to appear on the case ledger.


Now, when you open up the ledger, you will see that the balance has changed reflecting the adjusted incoming wire.


If you have any further questions or concerns regarding incoming wire adjustments, please feel free to contact our team in the BMS Banking Center: (800) 634- 7734, Option 8 or banking@bmsadvantage.com.

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