25 Nov 2013

How to Perform Bank Reconciliations in CaseLink Web

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Banking Tip:

How to Perform Bank Reconciliations in CaseLink Web

It’s important (and a Handbook requirement) to reconcile your bank accounts each month. CaseLink Web has a Bank Reconciliation Tool that simplify this process. With the click of a button, this tool highlights differences between the bank’s month-end balance and the month-end balance calculated by your CaseLink Web ledger. The tool then displays items from the ledger that may be the cause of reconciliation problems so they can be matched and a balancing note can be entered.

The Bank Reconciliation Tool may be accessed through the global tool bar at the top of the application by going to
Banking > Bank Reconciliation (shown in image 1 below).


Image #1: Selecting Bank Reconciliation from the CaseLink Web Banking drop-down menu.

When the tool is invoked, it will display the items in your CaseLink Web bank ledger that need to be reviewed.


Image #2: Selecting Reconcile from the Bank Reconciliation Screen.

Clicking on the Reconcile link at the far left of the screen as shown in Image #2 above will redirect the user to a screen that displays ledger transactions and bank transactions side by side for easier comparison (Image #3).  The View Ledger link at the far right of the screen allows the user to open the Ledger in a new window, if desired, to compare the Ledger to the Reconciliation screen.

During the reconciliation process, you may associate multiple “Ledger Transactions” to a single “Bank Transaction” or vice versa.


Image #3: The List Reconciliation Screen showing Matching Ledger and Bank Transactions.

If there are matching Ledger and Bank Transactions, as shown above in Image #3, the user must select the checkbox(es) next to each transaction and select Match Transactions from the Select Action drop-down menu, as shown in Image #4 below.


Image #4: Selecting the transaction checkbox(es) and Match Transactions from the Select Action drop-down menu.

In order to double-check that you truly wanted to create an adjustment, the system will prompt you to confirm each adjustment that you will be making (see Image #5 below).


Image #5: Clicking the Yes, create the adjustment button.

Clicking on the Yes, create the adjustment button shown above will create the adjustment to reconcile the account.

If you have any questions or concerns about reconciling your accounts, please contact the BMS Banking Center at 800-634-7734, ext. 8 or via email.

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