01 Oct 2015

PACER NextGen Upgrade & Instructions

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PACERAs you may already be aware, courts are beginning to transition to the NextGen version of PACER. As each court gets ready for their transition, they will post the timelines on their CM/ECF site. You must update your PACER login credentials in order to continue being able to view and download documents, and file electronically with your court through the BMS software. In addition, your new PACER credentials need to be provided to BMS so that our back-end systems can continue to pull all case information into our software for you.

When you upgrade your PACER credentials to NextGen, your lookup (PACER) and filing (CM/ECF) accounts will be linked. You will use this one upgraded account in the future for all activities with your court.

For BMS software clients, the following steps are required in order to complete the NextGen update and for BMS to continue to retrieve documents and cases as well as allow you to file with your court through our software:

Step 1: Upgrade Your PACER Account to NextGen Credentials

Step 2: Link Your Current CM/ECF (Filing) Account with your PACER NextGen Account at Your Court

****Skip the next step if you are using CaseLink Web or CaseLink Online****
Step 3 –
 ONLY FOR CaseLink Office USERS: Upgrade your CaseLink software to a new version specifically designed to work with PACER NextGen courts

Step 4: Update the BMS Software with your PACER NextGen Credentials

Step 5: Inform the BMS Support Center about your new PACER NextGen Credentials by Email

****Skip this last step if you are using CaseLink Web or CaseLink Online****
Step 6  ONLY FOR CaseLink Office USERS: Upgrade your Internet Explorer web browser to version 10 or higher.

The PACER website provides detailed tutorials for steps 1 and 2.
Download this BMS tip sheet with more detailed instructions for steps 3 through 6.

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or a BMS Support team member.