02 Jun 2017

Non-Individual Cases: Do Not Request TINs from the Bank

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Reminder: When opening bank accounts for business (non-individual) cases, you must have a TIN beforehand. Do not request a new TIN from the bank via CaseLink.

On the New Accounts screen in CaseLink, enter the existing TIN (the Employer Identification Number from the petition) for the non-individual entity or request a new one from the IRS when prompted, as shown above. DO NOT select the “Insta-TIN application with Rabobank” option for a business (non-individual) case—this function is only for individual cases. Do not attempt to open a bank account for a non-individual case without a proper TIN.

Most non-individual cases already have an existing TIN that should be used. In those rare instances where a TIN does not exist for a non-individual case, the TIN must be requested directly from the IRS.gov website—not the bank (this is also listed on the New Accounts screen in your BMS software).

The bank automatically processes TIN requests, which can result in multiple TINs to be created for a case. As a reminder, only one TIN can be used per case. If a case already has a TIN and you apply for another one through the bank (via CaseLink) or through the IRS.gov website, you will have multiple TINs for the case and will then have to contact the IRS to consolidate these numbers—which may be a time-consuming process.

If you have any questions about TINs for non-individual cases, please contact the BMS Banking Center at 800-634-7734 or banking@bmsadvantage.com.