11 Jan 2017

New Year, New Enhancements: CaseLink² Updates

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It’s a new year, and it’s filled with new enhancements for you! Based on user feedback, CaseLink² is getting a new set of refinements for 2017 including updates to timesheets and the user interface for better convenience and speedier workflows.

Learn more about these enhancements coming in later this month:


Timesheets will now be easier than ever to edit and fill in with these new enhancements coming soon!

  • No longer will it be necessary to flip between pages to view your timesheets – all timesheet entries will now be visible on the main screen. Plus, with one click of the “Pencil” icon you will be able to edit all “Category Description” and “Entry Description” fields for a speedier workflow.
  • A new “Expense” column will also be added, allowing you to create an expense directly from the Timesheets module.
  • Batch entries will be easier and more intuitive than ever – whenever a batch entry is made, the total hours entered will be assigned to each case instead of divided among cases entered (e.g. when 100 hours is entered for a batch of 4 cases, 100 hours will be assigned to each of the 4 cases instead of splitting 25 hours across the 4 cases.)
  • Quickly print out a screen shot using the new “Print Screen” option for better convenience.

User Interface

A number of user interface refinements have also been made for easier use and convenience within the software.

  • The Sidekick search field will be larger, making it easier to read and use. This affects both the Case and Docs tabs.
  • When looking at the Case listing in the Sidekick’s Docs tab, you will now see the case name and case number above the list of documents. Now when you are on a global screen you will not have to click back to a case screen to grab a document.
  • Assets will be added to the 341(a) tab on the Case Information screen so it mimics the 341(a) view and you can easily prep or conduct meetings from either screen.
  • If clicking an alert summary takes you into a case, you will be able to easily return to the alerts summary case list by clicking on the new “Recent Alert” link in the Left Case Menu, speeding up your workflow.
  • Shortcuts will always be visible in the Left Case Menu as well for easier access. The menu will adapt itself to where you are in the software, showing you either case-level or global-level shortcuts.
  • new ribbon is being added to the Banking Ledger for one-button quick access to banking functions including ‘Make A Deposit,’ ‘Write a Check,’ ‘Make Adjustment,’ and ‘Transfer Funds.’ Like the Sidekick, the Banking Ribbon can be expanded and collapsed to free up space.
  • A ledger balance will now appear on the blue case-level header for asset cases with open bank accounts for quicker reference.

More information will be made available closer to the release. Should you have any additional questions about the updates in this release, please contact your BMS Account Manager or the BMS Support Center.