03 Nov 2014

New CaseLink Office Version Available this November

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New CaseLink Office Version Enhances Banking Security and Introduces Ability to Reassign Judges

The BMS product team would like to announce that new banking security protocols from Rabobank have been incorporated into the latest version of CaseLink Office which will be made available to you this month. To enhance the protection of your estate funds, all BMS clients are being requested to install this mandatory upgrade as soon as possible. In addition, a new feature is being introduced that allows users to update judge codes in order to reassign a judge for a case (or multiple cases).

Enhanced Banking Security Features include:

Update! Rabobank fax number and email address on the Outgoing Wire Transfer form has changed to enhance security of outgoing wires. When you upgrade to the newest version of CaseLink Office, you’ll notice that the fax number and email address where the form should be submitted have been updated (see sample form below). For added security and to reduce the chance of fraud, Rabobank must receive your wire request at the new fax number or email address. If you have the fax number pre-programmed in your fax machine, please make sure to update it immediately after performing this CaseLink Office upgrade – paying special attention to whether or not your fax machines require a prefix (such as a 9) to dial an external number.

Per Rabobank’s security policies, any wire request forms sent to the old number or email address will be automatically rejected and must be resubmitted to the new fax number or email address.

Rabobank Outgoing Wire Transfer Form
Note: Remember to update any pre-programmed quick dial settings on your fax machine(s) with the new fax number for Rabobank. Double check if your fax requires any prefixes to dial an external fax number.


New! Outgoing IRS Wire Transfer Tax Payment Form. Should you need to send tax payments to the IRS by wire, Rabobank requires the use of this new form. You can always access it by going to: Banking > Reports Outgoing Wire Transfer Tax Payment in the left hand menu – taking you to the MyResources BMS client portal where you can find the form under the Banking section. If you do not have a MyResources user name and password, please contact the BMS banking center.

Reassign Judges Quickly

New! Change the Judge Code to reassign a Judge for a case or several cases. It is now easy to update the judge for 1 or more cases in CaseLink Office using the new reassign judge code feature. Just go to Tables > Professionals > Reassign Judge and use the filters to reassign judges to asset cases with no closed dates or ‘no asset’ cases with no NDR and no close date.Reassign Judge Code