02 May 2016

New Blooms: CaseLink Web Speeds Up With Latest Updates

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With the new blooms of spring come new enhancements to your software! The latest update to CaseLink Web released last month provided significant speed improvements to the platform with faster screen load times by introducing the ability to remove specific portlets from the home and case overview screens.

How to Remove Portlets for Faster Screen Loading

You always had the ability to move or minimize portlets to customize your view on the home page or case overview screen; however, now you also have the option to remove specific portlets completely, allowing you to view the information that is most important to you. As the number of portlets displayed is reduced, the system doesn’t have to expend resources to calculate and display information for the removed portlets and you’ll notice faster page load times. This customization is unique to each user.

  • To remove a portlet: Click on the “X” in the upper right corner of any portlet.
  • To add a portlet: Click on the gear icon next to the CaseLink Web logo to access the portlet display settings.


That’s it – just that simple!