16 Apr 2013

NABT Introduces Trustee Mentoring Program

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NABT Introduces Trustee Mentoring Program

NABT LogoThe NABT recently announced the introduction of a new Trustee Mentoring Program to help new Chapter 7 trustees learn from their more experienced peers.

The Program is open to newer Chapter 7 trustees irrespective of whether he or she is a member of NABT.  This is a wonderful opportunity to share your knowledge or learn from your more experienced peers!

The Program specifics are as follows:

  • Available for newer trustees.
  • The Mentor/Mentee commitment would be for 12 months.
  • The Mentor and Mentee would communicate primarily via email or telephone; however, if the Mentor and the Mentee are within close proximity, occasional face-to-face meetings are encouraged.
  • Mentor acts as a sounding board and resource for the newer trustee to ask questions. 
  • The anticipated time commitment would be approximately 30 minutes per month.

Please contact Areya Holder at areya@holderlawpc.com if you are interested in volunteering as a mentor or if you are a newer trustee and would like to be paired up with a mentor.

BMS Training Opportunities for Trustees and Assistants

BMS offers the most comprehensive training program for Chapter 7 Trustees in the industry. Over the years, BMS has put together a complete training program that walks trustees and their assistants through the entire bankruptcy and case administration process. Our flexible training program is available to all BMS clients and includes:
30 video series covering Chapter 7 bankruptcy from A to Z

  • Dedicated Account Managers who are experts in case administration
  • Weekly live, online training sessions
  • In depth training with BMS Training and Development Manager, Karrie Spies
  • Knowledgeable Bankruptcy and Software professionals in the BMS Support Center

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