20 Jun 2014

More than Just Software Training Received from my BMS Account Manager

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Raving Fan:

More than Just Software Training Received from my BMS Account Manager

Raving-Fan.267Linda Ducille, New York Trustee Assistant, didn’t have a background in Chapter 7 case administration when she first started out in the bankruptcy industry. Her introductory training was conducted by BMS Senior Account Manager, Angie Vitale, nearly 20 years ago. Angie initially started out assisting her with software training but soon discovered the need to assist her with further industry training. Angie’s extensive industry experience helped to provide Linda with up-to-date industry insights and tips. These allowed her to quickly get up to speed as a trustee assistant. Over the years “Angie’s training’s have gotten me to a place where I don’t have to call her so much anymore”, says Linda. Angie’s experience and responsiveness are two things Linda has come to count on.

To this day, Angie continues to supply her with industry insights, tip sheets and product knowledge. “I still look forward to Angie’s calls, as she always keeps me abreast of new productivity tips and changing UST requirements.”, says Linda. Over the years Linda has become a more confident and experienced trustee assistant thanks to the support she has received from Angie. “At this point Angie is like family, always going above and beyond for me.” Linda continues to look forward to many more years working with Angie and BMS. She’s one more client who has discovered what the BMS Advantage is all about.