03 Apr 2016

Meet Our Newest Account Managers!

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Just as our family tree continues to grow with new clients, it does so too with new BMS employees! We are pleased to introduce two new Account Managers who have joined our team: Martin Carey and Kelly Rathbun.

As you know, BMS is structured around the service that we provide to our clients, and we are renowned throughout the industry for our superior service and support. We are always looking for new ways to enhance this service, and as our Account Managers are one of the most direct lines of communication to our clients, we are pleased to be able to develop that branch for even better client satisfaction.

With the service and software expertise of these two new team members, we are confident that our clients will see an even greater boost in the excellent level of service they receive from BMS.

Learn more about Martin and Kelly below!

Martin “Marty” Carey

MartinCarey_150Martin “Marty” Carey has more than 12 years of experience in the bankruptcy industry, and most recently worked as a paralegal to Stacey Meisel, who is now a bankruptcy judge and was formerly a BMS client for several years. Marty also served as a trustee assistant in Chapter 11 cases, and as a fiduciary assistant in receivership and assignment for the benefit of creditors cases.  With a B.A. in psychology from Villanova University, Marty also has experience in acting, hospitality, and music. Marty and his wife live in Hamilton, NJ.  Marty will be working with Angela Vitale and Renee Laws to support clients in New Jersey and Delaware.

Kelly Rathbun

KellyRathbun_150Kelly Rathbun has more than 21 years of experience in the bankruptcy industry, including working for trustees in Washington and Colorado. Kelly most recently was a paralegal to several Chapter 7 trustees in Colorado, and has also worked as a Clerk of the Court for the Honorable Elizabeth E. Brown in Colorado.  She has extensive experience working with the office and web-based BMS products. Kelly lives in Castle Rock, CO, and she has one daughter who is a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder. Kelly will be supporting clients in Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan and Oklahoma.

Please join us in welcoming Marty and Kelly to the BMS team!