06 Jan 2014

New UST Naming Requirements in CaseLink Office and QuikDocs

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Compliance Tip:

New UST Naming Requirements in CaseLink Office and QuikDocs

Recently, a memorandum was sent from the Executive Office of the United States Trustee outlining a new procedure for the submission and review of TFR, NFR and TDR reports. This new requirement focuses on the file naming format to be used for submitting these reports. Guidelines and procedures for these changes went into effect on December 9, 2013. Reviews will be completed by a team of United States Trustee staff members. 

The steps listed below will show you how to easily adjust the report file names in CaseLink Office and in QuikDocs before UST submission in order to meet the new naming requirements.

Customize Your Uniform Reports Name in CaseLink Office

  1. On the tool bar select Reports.


    CaseLink Office Home Page tool bar

  2. Choose UST Forms then scroll down until you find Trustee’s Final Report (TFR).

    CLO_UST reports

    Each Trustee will have their Print Reports screen arranged differently. Scroll through your options until you find the TFR report

  3. Open the TFR and click on the Options button once the window opens.
  4. In the Options for Uniforms Forms box enter the information required by your UST office.
  5. Then right click in the white box to bring up a menu for items to choose from.
  6. Click the “Sample” button to see what your report name will look like.

In this example, the UST requires the three digit prefix code, the case number, debtor last name and trustee last name.

Once the information is entered it will pull through to your other reports, NFRs, and TDRs.

Customize Your File Names in QuikDocs

You will also want to change the file names of the documents associated with these files in QuikDocs. This will help in keeping your records organized.

  • On the tool bar select QuikDocs.


    CaseLink Office Home Page tool bar

  • Highlight the document you want to rename.
  • Click the “Rename File” button and enter the new name in the box.
  • Click “Rename” to save the file.

To keep files consistent, the three digit prefix code is used with the New File Name

Now that the file name has been changed to the correct format, you may now email it to the UST by following this procedure:

  1. Select the document.
  2. Select the email option
  3. Enter the UST email address
  4. Enter the Subject information per the UST format request

Now that the file name is in the correct format it can be emailed to the UST Office for review.

It’s that simple…just hit send.

If you have any questions about how to customize your TFR, NDR and TDR files, please contact your BMS Account Manager or one of our experts in the BMS Support Center at 800-634-7734, ext. 6 or via email

Do you have any other questions about processes you conduct in CaseLink Office? Post your comments below and we’ll get you answer in a future newsletter (or sooner).