05 Mar 2013

Deleting Tax Returns from QuikDocs

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Trustee Tip:

Deleting Tax Returns from QuikDocs

After the 341(a) Meeting of Creditors, trustees are tasked with deleting the electronic copies of the collected tax returns.  The tax returns are often submitted via the debtor attorney through DocLink.  Once they have been verified, the returns should be deleted after the meeting.

The tax returns may be easily deleted using tools in QuikDocs.

1) Go to the 341(a) Worksheet in CaseLink Office and select the date of the docket.  Go to QuikDocs and choose the 341(a) View tab.  Then sort the documents by Document Title.  Check the box at the beginning of each row for all documents titled as tax returns.

QuikDocs - Document Title

2) Go to the Selected View tab and click on the Delete icon.  Click Yes when the dialog box appears to delete the tax returns.

QuikDocs - Delete Selected

To delete a different 341(a) date, go back to the 341(a) Worksheet and change the date.  Then switch to 341(a) View in QuikDocs and repeat the steps.

For an added measure of security, please view our article from last month about securely deleting documents from QuikDocs.