05 Mar 2013

Delay Upgrading to Office 2013 Recommended

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Tech Notice:

Delay Upgrading to Office 2013 Recommended

Compatibility check with CaseLink and TrustWorks Software Needed

There’s always a lot of excitement surrounding upgrades to the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and Office 2013 is no exception. However, it is important to keep in mind that as new features are added, many other features are removed – features that may be needed in order to work properly with CaseLink Office and TrustWorks.

It is especially important that you do not upgrade to Office 2013 until BMS has had a chance to complete compatibility testing with our software. Your BMS software solutions are currently certified for use with Office 2010 applications on two very stable operating systems – Windows XP and Windows 7.

As hard as it might be to wait, it simply isn’t worth the risk to upgrade either your BMS-supplied hardware or the your own computer that run BMS software until we are sure that Office 2013 is stable and fully-compatible with CaseLink Office and TrustWorks.

So hang in there, and don’t upgrade your Office suite until you get the okay from us. We’ll keep you posted as we continue to make progress with fully certifying our software solutions for Office 2013. In the end, you’ll see that it was well worth the wait!

If you have any questions about how to protect your computer from viruses, please contact the BMS Support Center via email or call 800-634-7734 ext. 6.