05 Mar 2013

This Raving Fan Appreciates the BMS Advantage After Making the Switch

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This Raving Fan Appreciates the BMS Advantage After Making the Switch

Ilona Fisher,
Assistant to Albert Nasuti, Trustee
Atlanta, GA

BMS client, Ilona Fisher – a trustee assistant for Albert Nasuti from Atlanta Georgia, tells us how excited she is to be back with BMS. When she began working with her current trustee they were using a competitor’s software. She says she gave it three years before she approached her trustee with making the switch to BMS. “BMS is so well organized and QuikDocs is amazing!” With minimal click-through’s and QuikDocs, her work is now easier to prepare. With CaseLink Office, she can generate custom reports and add in her own customized fields. “Now my work gets done in significantly less time”.

When her BMS Sr. Account Manager, Pati McKinney, told Ilona that she could be reached at “any time,” she meant it. Ilona needed help filing some reports and called her one night at 11pm…and Pati answered. She says Pati is always taking notes on the suggestions she has and that, magically (with the help of the entire BMS team), they get implemented. “The developers are always creating updates to the programs no matter how small a change. I am so glad to know I’m heard,” says Ilona. From the banking center to support team to the field technicians, everyone at BMS help to address any issues faced by the office quickly.

Well, Ilona, thank you so much for sharing your BMS support experiences with us. We’re so glad to hear that you are getting the service your office needs. At BMS, we get tremendous satisfaction from knowing that our team is providing you with exceptional service.

If you have a story about how an individual or a team at BMS has helped you, please share it with us! And if you have suggestions for improvement, we’d like to hear them as well, so that we can have the chance to “wow” you, too. Please email us at BMS@bms7.com. We hope to hear from you soon!