09 Jan 2017

Manage Debtor Attorneys for Top Efficiency in 2017

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Be your most efficient and effective self in 2017! With the time-saving features in CaseLink, stay on top of every detail of your cases with ease, including which cases have debtor attorneys (vs. being Pro Se), and which debtor attorneys need a DocLink registration key.

Easily view which cases have a debtor attorney assigned to them, and which debtor attorneys are connected to DocLink with the Manage Debtor Attorneys tool. Learn more about this handy tool below:

  1. CaseLink²
  2. CaseLink Office

Manage Debtor Attorneys in CaseLink²

Within the Manage Professionals screen in CaseLink², you can easily view all of the debtor attorneys that exist within your system on the ‘Debtor Attorneys’ tab. This tab allows you to edit and link debtor attorneys to cases all from one central location – no navigating through different screens.

The Manage Professionals screen can be found under Tools in the Global Menu Bar.

Click on the ‘Debtor Attorneys’ tab across the top of this screen to view the tab.

*Note: This tab may take a few seconds to load since it is pulling information from DocLink.

This view contains two tabs including ‘Manage Debtor Attorneys’ and ‘Link DA’s to Cases.’

Manage Debtor Attorneys

From the ‘Manage Debtor Attorneys’ tab, you can use the search bar at the top to find an attorney by name, click the “Pencil” icon in the list to edit records, and view usage in a pop-up window by clicking “View” in the “Usage” column.

Plus, see at-a-glance whether a debtor attorney is Doclink-enabled, or pending DocLink enablement, by looking at the DocLink column. This is represented by the icons shown below.  If a debtor attorney is not DocLink-enabled, the DocLink column will appear empty. The following icons appear when a registration key for DocLink has been enabled or is pending activation:


Pending DocLink-enablement

Link DA’s to Cases

The ‘Link DA’s to Cases’ tab provides you with a list of debtor attorneys available to link to cases, so you can quickly link multiple DA’s to multiple different cases without navigating through different screens.

To link a debtor attorney to a case, click on the number in the “Case #” column. This will open a pop-up window where you can match the debtor attorney listed on the Chapter 7 petition.

This window includes three options to choose from: Suggested; Search by Name; and Add New Debtor Attorney.

Depending on the case, there may not be an entry listed under “Suggested.” You can also use the search box to find an attorney by name. However, if the search returns no results, you can select the “Add Debtor Attorney” radio button. This selection will dynamically open the window further. Use the fields provided to add Debtor Attorney information.

Manage Debtor Attorneys in CaseLink Office

In CaseLink Office, easily view and manage debtor attorneys within your software on the Professionals List screen. Navigate to the Professionals List screen by clicking on “Tables” from the top Main Menu toolbar, then selecting “Professionals.”

The Professionals List screen shows the entire list of debtor attorneys within your system.

  • To edit a debtor attorney, click on the record within the top list, then click the “Edit Item” button on the bottom of the screen.
  • To view the debtor attorney’s usage within the system, click the “Usage” button at the bottom of the screen.