02 Oct 2013

Manage Your Banking Updates in One Place

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Banking Tip:

Manage Your Banking Updates in One Place

Did you know you can access all of your banking updates in one place through the CaseLink Office Bank Activity screen? You can get current balances, access related reports, view inbound items and approve items in the queue if needed…before they go to the bank. The CaseLink Office Bank Activity screen provides you with faster access to your information and allows you to preview the information daily to assist you with your banking communication needs. 

In order to access the Bank Activity screen, you can either either click on the “Bank Communication” tab in your CaseLink Office toolbar or from the CaseLink Office Quick Access Menu (see below).


This will display in the Bank Activity box, shown below. The Bank Activity box provides an overview of all your banking communications. You will be able to access your banking summary, items to send, received items and reports.

Under the option for Banking Summary (Figure 1) you will also be able to gather an overview of your accounts as well as the current status of your communications with the bank. This is an excellent option to quickly review information regarding bank communications with your system.


Figure 1


Under the Items to Send Option (Figure 2) you can view specific banking transactions awaiting communication with the bank. Items that remain unchecked are automatically highlighted in yellow to indicate the need for approval before they can be sent to the bank. Remember, only approved transactions can be sent to the bank. You can view transaction types, case numbers, account numbers, dates, amounts and the names and descriptions of each item being sent to the bank. Using the radio buttons, you can sort items by “Pending Only”, “Approved Only” or select them “All”. You also have the option to “Approve All” items with just a simple click. This option provides you with a great opportunity to view all of your transactions before sending. From this screen, you also have access to review Electronic W-9 signings.

*Note: Once items are sent to the bank, they will be removed from the grid. Please note that approval is based on security rights.

CL-Items to Send

Figure 2


Under Received Items (Figure 3) you have access to specific items received from the bank. These can include: wire transfers, check guard messages, bank originated adjustments and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. The “Additional Information” box provides specific details regarding the highlighted banking item. You also have the ability to “Post to Ledger” or “Mark as Reviewed” the highlighted financial transaction. By reviewing this screen on a consistent basis, and processing transactions accordingly, you will be able to better control your Chapter 7 Bank Reconciliation responsibilities.

CL-Received Items

Figure 3


Under the Reports screen (Figure 4) you have access to multiple types of Bank Activity Reports. You can gather a variety of information from these reports including deposit posting dates, cleared checks, account balances, banking support documents and confirmation letters. Use the drop-down box from the “Communication Date” to select the activity date and then check items from the “Information to Print” section to print.


Figure 4

The Bank Activity Screen is a tremendous timesaver for trustees. It is a great asset to use when managing all of your banking updates and is located in one easy to find place. If you have any questions regarding Bank Communications or any Bank Activity procedures, please contact the BMS Banking Center at 800-634-7734, option 8.

Are there other helpful functions in CaseLink Office you use that can help another trustee? We want to know. Share your tips and tricks with other trustees below.