07 Mar 2017

It’s Your Lucky Day! BMS Vault Pilot Launched

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You’re in luck! The pilot program for the BMS Vault has been successfully launched and running for over a month.

As a follow up to our initial announcement about the Vault in December 2016, we wanted to provide you with a quick update about the status of the pilot program:

  • BMS Vault pilot started on February 10, 2016 in Regions 9 and 21 (chosen by the EOUST).
  • Regional UST offices in the pilot program are loving the ability to securely access bank statements independent of trustees.
  • Participating trustees are rejoicing at the time they save as they no longer need to submit copies of bank statements to their UST.
  • We have received excellent feedback on the Vault from the UST offices in the pilot regions and are in the process of evaluating their comments before rolling out the Vault to additional regions nationally.

About BMS Vault

Developed in consultation with the EOUST, BMS Vault is a secure, FedRAMP-compliant online repository for bank statements. The statements on the Vault are provided directly by Rabobank to be accessed by authorized UST personnel. When available in your region, BMS Vault will save you and your staff time and effort as you will no longer need to submit bank statements to your UST for review along with your TDRs.

USTs are able to securely access bank statements directly through the BMS Vault from as far back as March 2013.

Note: There is no change to your monthly bank statement review process at this time; you will continue to receive electronic and paper Rabobank bank statements.

We will update you in the coming weeks about when the BMS Vault will be rolled out nationally.

One Response to It’s Your Lucky Day! BMS Vault Pilot Launched
  1. Sounds great to us!!!! We could save a very large amount of time and $$ not having to organize, redact and mail the bank statements. Seems to be much more secure to boot.
    John Fort
    Trustee, Spartanburg, SC

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