06 Feb 2017

Love Finding Reports Easily with the Sidekick in CaseLink²

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It’s the one you’ve been dreaming of—it used to always play hard to get. Then, there’s that moment… you catch a quick glimpse and it makes your heart beat a little faster. It’s the report you’ve been looking for!

Find reports with ease each and every time in CaseLink² by using the Sidekick.

Not familiar with the Sidekick? It’s the panel on the right side of the screen that allows you to quickly move between cases, find and view documents, and access and run reports.

In this article we’ll review the “Reports” tab of the Sidekick which allows you to create and locate reports on-the-fly, wherever you are in the software. All reports are included on this tab, so they are easy to find and access.

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Three Reports List Types

The Reports View provides three listings: “Case,” “Global,” and “Custom.”  Under each listing, reports are grouped together in categories that appear in blue bars. Clicking on the triangle in a blue bar will expand or collapse the individual reports within that category.


The “Custom” listing displays a list of your Merge Document Templates. The case name and number of the current case is visible at the top of the listing, below the submenu.

In the “Custom” listing, the default menu is “Custom report.” You can organize Merge Templates and Reports in folders on the Tools > Merge Document Templates screen. Folders appear as menus in the Sidekick and any Merge Templates or Reports placed in folders will appear beneath the corresponding menu.

And that’s it!