24 Jan 2018

Best Practices for Protection Against Cyber Viruses

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Two recent cyber security virusesMeltdown and Spectre—are affecting computers and smartphones with the ability to steal data from almost any device, including passwords that have been saved in Web browsers.

BMS systems are protected from these attacks since we employ a multi-prong approach to protecting our client data. However, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your own personal computers and devices.

Information stored in CaseLink software is protected:

  • CaseLink²: Documents, merge templates, and emails  are stored on BMS servers in the Cloud and are automatically backed up daily, but please keep in mind any files stored on your local computer are not backed up by BMS.
  • CaseLink Office: BMS AutoWebBackup covers case data, but other types of files such as documents located in QuikDocs, merge documents, emails, software applications and non-Chapter 7 files are not backed up by BMS.

To decrease the likelihood of having your personal data compromised, BMS suggests the following:

  • Install Microsoft Windows security updates immediately when prompted.
  • Use a Cloud-based backup service on a daily basis.

Being vigilant is key to protecting all of your data. If you have any questions or would like more information on how BMS can further assist you, please email the BMS Hardware Support team or call 800.634.7734.