01 Dec 2016

Keep Your Data Safe While Holiday Shopping

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Stay safe by making sure your data is protected whether you are out in stores or buying online this holiday season.

With billions of dollars spent each year in holiday shopping, and scammers looking for new ways to access your information, it is more important than ever to take preventive measures in safeguarding your data.

Check out these best practices for using networks while shopping:

  1. Use your phone’s data plan, as opposed to a public WiFi network, while out. Scammers will set up free WiFi to trick people and get their information, which is why it is safer to use your phone’s data plan to access the Internet if you are out and about.
  2. If you must use public WiFi, don’t access any personal information. Do not look at any personal information, social media, or banking sites if you are using public WiFi. You are most vulnerable to scammers when many people are using public WiFi in the same location such as a shopping mall.
  3. If shopping at home, use sites with “https” so you know they are a secured site. When shopping online, make sure you are using sites that have addresses beginning with “https://” – which means that your information is encrypted between your device and the website you are visiting.

Happy holidays and safe shopping!