13 Sep 2016

Keep Backups on Beat to Stay Compliant

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Sometimes case administration is all about keeping tempo with the checks and balances you need to maintain compliance with the Handbook. Check out how to keep your backups on beat to stay compliant and secure at all times.

Backing up on a regular basis is essential – whether you use a desktop/server-based case administration solution such as CaseLink Office, or a cloud-based solution like CaseLink2 and CaseLink Web.

Backing up regularly is not only a breath of fresh air if you are faced with a crisis situation such as a virus attacking your computer or a wildfire ravaging your office, it also supports encryption and data storage requirements set forth in the Chapter 7 Handbook.

While BMS backs up your case data (as well as documents if you use CaseLink Online, CaseLink Web, and CaseLink²), we recommend that you utilize a cloud-based backup solution such as Carbonite so that all of the files and programs stored on your computer outside of your BMS software are protected.

To make sure your backups occur regularly, schedule your cloud-based backups for the end of the day or overnight, ensuring the backup will get finished without interrupting your work.

If you need assistance with configuring your cloud-based back up, please contact the hardware technicians in the BMS Support Center.