24 Sep 2013

Installing Safe Adobe and Java Updates

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Installing Safe Adobe and Java Updates

Lately, we have been educating you on identifying secure software practices due to the high rate of malware attacks. Because of this, we realize that many of you are hesitant to clicking on anything that pops-up on your computer, especially when those clicks resulted in viruses that took hours to remove. Although caution should be exercised when it comes to Adobe Acrobat/Reader and Java updates, they should both be kept up to date.

So why keep these programs current? As mentioned previously in our Keep Your Computer Safe and Securearticle, Adobe and Java are constantly sending out patch updates in order to keep your software secure. This is because, along with Adobe Flash and Windows Updates, Java is the number one way viruses are distributed throughout the Internet. Nearly every webpage on the Internet is programmed in Java and by keeping these updates current, you can greatly reduce the risk of downloading a virus that could potentially harm your computer.

To perform these updates safely, refer first to your tool bar. Most safe updates will appear here as shown below.

  • Locate the Adobe Reader and Java icons on your toolbar
  • Double-Click on them to install.



java xp

  • If an error pops up while installing Java, as in the image shown below, go directly to the website for installation.


You might get an error like this after double clicking on the icon.

  • When you are on the Java website, click on “FREE JAVA DOWNLOAD” to download and install a safe version of Java.

If you remember from our previous article Malware Masquerading as Update Pop-Ups or Webpages, malicious pop-ups will typically appear on websites not on your personal toolbar. Do not forget to look at the link that appears on the pop-up too. If, for any reason, it is broken or looks suspicious, do not click on it. Instead, go to the Adobe or Java website and perform the update from there.

These two very simple steps, along with safe web surfing practices, should help to keep you safe, up to date and virus free. If you have any questions or experience any problems, please contact the BMS Hardware Support team immediately. They can scan and detect any malicious activity that may have occurred. Contact them via email or call them directly at 800-634-7734, ext. 6.

Have you seen any other suspicious updates? Help others become aware and tell your story here.