06 May 2014

Insights from the ABI Spring Meeting

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Insights from the ABI Spring Meeting

April 2014

Brian Soper, Director of Sales

Brian Soper, Director of Sales

During this conference in Washington, DC, we learned about current industry trends as well as the concerns facing restructuring professionals today.

The most common concern among attendees was the reduction in the number of large cases available to them. Most conference attendees were focused on ways to find more work while ensuring that the work they did have was completed efficiently in order to maximize the return to creditors. Many attendees were happy to hear how the TrustWorks software by BMS could help bring automation and efficiency to their resource-intensive tasks.

Morgan Wisbey, Senior Account Manager

Morgan Wisbey, Senior Account Manager

TrustWorks helps fiduciaries to avoid costly fees accrued towards the end of a case by providing them with software that streamlines the calculation of complex distributions while allowing users to print and mail checks themselves – being more productive while reducing expenses. With TrustWorks, clients also get the benefit of the superior services provided to them by the BMS support teams. TrustWorks has many more features available – perfect for a variety of corporate restructuring cases including receiverships, post-confirmation trusts and other distributions.

Other concerns facing fiduciaries were on how to build and strengthen their networks so that could attract more work. We found that many attendees who came to the conference were there for this very reason. This is why our event at the P.O.V. Rooftop lounge was so successful. Conference guests had a great time networking at the cocktail event – catching up with their industry colleagues and making new contacts.

Doug Bradley, Regional Account Executive, enjoying  the BMS cocktail hour.

Doug Bradley, Regional Account Executive, enjoying the BMS cocktail hour with members from Gavin/Solmonese.

We had a great time at the conference and look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Check out our events page to see where you can meet up with BMS next and to learn about our platform of solutions for bankrutpcy and restructuring professionals.