06 Feb 2017

Incoming Successor Cases: Save Time on Data Migration

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Ever get butterflies when you get appointed as a trustee in a successor case? No need to worry…BMS is there to support you!

We receive requests for successor cases on a regular basis, and we can help you save time by retrieving the data in a standardized method. You’ll jump for joy with the time you save and sleep better at night knowing that all pertinent case data and documents have been transferred properly!

When a successor case is assigned to your office, follow these guidelines:

  1. Let BMS know – through a chat or call with the BMS Support Center or an email to your Account Manager. Whether it is a BMS-trustee to BMS-trustee transfer or data coming from trustees using another software vendor, simply let us know so that we can start retrieving case data from the previous trustee (or their vendor) as quickly as possible.
  2. Open a new bank account. After you contact us, you can open a bank account and begin making deposits – you don’t have to wait for all of the data from the previous trustee to be entered to your Form 2 before starting.
  3. If the successor case has money in it, don’t request a new TIN. You may be prompted to request an Insta-TIN, but you should not since there is already a TIN assigned to the case.
  4. Don’t enter any transactions, claims, or notes from the prior trustee. We’ll take care of that for you!