01 Feb 2017

Idaho-based Chapter 7 Practice Loves Streamlined Workflows in CaseLink²

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Debbie Rodriguez, assistant to Idaho-based Trustee Noah Hillen, is loving the increased ease in her administration duties since switching to CaseLink².

When Mr. Hillen went on panel in January 2014, he chose another provider’s web platform to be able to work from anywhere; however, he and Ms. Rodriguez soon began to look at other options.

“Our other software was not exactly what we wanted at that time, so we considered other web-based platforms,” Ms. Rodriguez said.

Since Ms. Rodriguez had previously used BMS software assisting other Chapter 7 trustees, she suggested to Mr. Hillen that they switch to CaseLink Web. After switching, they noticed an immediate improvement in their mobility.

When CaseLink² was released in September 2016, Ms. Rodriguez liked its similarity to CaseLink Office, and the platform’s ease of use and workflow improvements appealed to both her and Mr. Hillen.

So, they went through with the quick upgrade.

Since Mr. Hillen and Ms. Rodriguez have switched to CaseLink², they have met their match for any time access, plus easy and efficient case management.

“It’s so nice not having to rely on one specific computer or application in a particular place to access our cases,” Ms. Rodriguez said. “It’s so easy to jump in and manage our cases whether we’re in the office or anywhere else, with no hassle.”

In addition, Ms. Rodriguez has seen broad improvements in tasks such as 341(a) prep and TFR generation.

CaseLink Squared“My workload has gotten much easier,” Ms. Rodriguez said. “I can easily navigate in and out of different cases, so it saves a lot of time. It is much easier to go from case to case and get the information we need for 341(a) prep and TFRs.”

The platform’s customizable features have also greatly improved Ms. Rodriguez’s daily workflows.

“The overall customizability of the software is fantastic,” Ms. Rodriguez said. “I work from the Alerts Panel on the homepage all day long, and being able to customize that to my needs has been great.”

Since upgrading to CaseLink², Ms. Rodriguez hasn’t had much to comment on about BMS Support—she hasn’t needed it! “We haven’t had to rely too much on BMS Support that much after we made the switch—the software just made sense so we went with it,” Ms. Rodriguez said. “I love that if we do have an issue, we can still use the Live Chat feature—that is cool!”

She notes if she ever has a problem, she knows her Account Manager, Melanie Patton and the BMS Support Center team members are never far. “It all comes down to really great customer service.”