03 Dec 2015

Holiday Favorites: Share Your Favorite QuikText Shortcuts!

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Penguins-267CaseLink Web, CaseLink Office and TrustWorks each offer a smorgasbord of features to help you be efficient and stay productive as you administer cases.

One of these features common across all of our platforms is QuikText, allowing you to create personalized shortcuts that can be entered in just a few keystrokes to substitute in for all types of longer phrases. This feature saves you time and effort on repetitive text that you need to key in.

Some examples of popular QuikText shortcuts include:

Memo Field(s) Shortcut Abbreviation Description
341 341 341 Meeting Held and Debtor(s) examined
341 COPY The following copies were requested to be provided to the Trustee
Next Activity TX Cases to be held open until the Debtor(s) turnover tax returns for the year “X”
Next Activity/Claims APF/E Application for Compensation and Expenses filed with the court on:
Claims FFAP First Application for Compensation filed:

What’s your favorite QuikText shortcut?
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One Response to Holiday Favorites: Share Your Favorite QuikText Shortcuts!
  1. For the standard repetitive questions my Trustee asks at 341 meetings:
    In the 341(a) Memo section, I enter the QuikText shortcut “?” which then displays
    Jewelry? ___ Guns? ___ Collections? ___ Rec Vehicles? ___ Lawsuits? ___
    Then, she simply checks them off or indicates yes/no at the 341 meeting.

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