01 May 2017

Bring it Home with BMS Depository Services

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Bring it home with BMS Depository Services for both your Chapter 7 and corporate restructuring engagements! With the exceptional banking service BMS is known for, safeguard bankruptcy funds with services tailored to your needs for anytime, anywhere access so you can better manage all of the moving parts of your engagements.


BMS Depository Services include:

Services for Chapter 7 Trustees:

  • UST-Approved Depository Nationwide
  • FDIC-insured deposits
  • Fully collateralized deposits
  • Monthly interest dependent on balances and term
  • Monthly paper and electronic statements
  • FedRAMP compliant electronic bank statement portal
  • Competitive Bank & Technology Fees

Services for Corporate Restructuring Fiduciaries:

  • UST-Approved Depository Nationwide & §345-compliant
  • Absolutely No Fees: No monthly fees, no wire transfer fees, no stop payment fees
  • FDIC-insured deposits
  • Fully collateralized bankruptcy deposits at no cost to the estate
  • Monthly interest dependent on balances and term
  • Expedited opening of new case accounts
  • Unlimited transactions (wires, checks, stop payments)
  • TrustWorks online software with integrated banking, claims management, and workflow tracking

To learn more about BMS Depository Services, contact us.