03 Nov 2014

HelpLink: Fast, Up-to-Date Help for CaseLink Users

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HelpLink: Fast, Up-to-Date Help for CaseLink Users


When you need fast, easy help with CaseLink, try using HelpLink – it’s right at your fingertips. HelpLink is the name of the help file developed for the CaseLink software you use.

HelpLink is organized by topic, and includes different types of help material, including videos, tutorials and tip sheets. You’ll want to use it as your primary source of information when you need help with CaseLink features or solutions to bankruptcy-related work processes.

HelpLink is cloud-based, which allows us to keep it always current. It also allows you to provide feedback on each and every help topic, so we can tailor the information provided based on your needs.

Whether you use CaseLink Office or CaseLink Web, direct access to HelpLink is just a click away. Click on one of the links below to get familiar with HelpLink: