02 Jun 2017

Heat Up Your Productivity by using Tasks in CaseLink

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Heat up your productivity this summer with Tasks in CaseLink! With this feature, view all of your to-do’s in one place and set reminders in your software so you never miss urgent or actionable items. Then, stay cool while your efficiency sizzles!

With Tasks, keep track of work you need to complete and delegate responsibilities to team members for projects such as:

  • 341(a) Follow-Up
  • Items due including Bank Reconciliations, Quarterly Reports, and TIRs
  • Action items such as Review Draft in Motion, File TFR, etc.

Learn how to create and manage Tasks in CaseLink, below!

  1. CaseLink²
  2. CaseLink Office


When you add tasks in CaseLink², the system will keep you on track with notifications of pending tasks in the Alerts Panel.

Add Tasks

In CaseLink², you can add tasks in 3 locations:

1. Quick add tasks from wherever you are in the software by clicking the “Tasks” link on the Left Case Menu.

2. Add a task specific to a case in the Case Information screen on the “Tasks” tab. Click the “New Task” button to add a task.

3. Add a task from the Global Task screen (Calendar >> Tasks from the Global Menu bar at the top of the screen). Click the “New Task” button on the resulting screen to add a task.

A “New Task” screen will appear where you can enter the details of your task. If you want to save the task as a template for repeat use, enter a template name at the bottom of the screen. Then, click “Save.”

New enhancements to make creating tasks in CaseLink² easier – available starting June 15th:

  • Based on user feedback, the options you set with the first task you create will persist for any future task you create until you change these settings. By remembering your task options, this feature will save you time by not having to repeatedly set the same options each time.
  • When creating a new task, by default the “Assigned To” field will be set to the user creating the task instead of the Trustee.

View/Edit Tasks

In CaseLink², you can view tasks for a specific case on the “Tasks” tab of the Case Information screen, and tasks across cases can be viewed from the Global Tasks screen (accessed by clicking Calendar >> Tasks from the Global Menu bar at the top of the screen.)

Case Information Screen

Global Tasks

From the “Open Tasks” tab at the top of the screen, you can search for specific tasks using “Standard” or “Advanced” filters:

  • “Standard” filters include the due date and whether the case is overdue or closed.
  • “Advanced” filters include a specific case name as well as task properties such as Case Number, Assigned To, Created By, Type, and Due Date.

When you have completed your filter selection, click “Apply.”

From the “Select Action” dropdown in the top right corner of the screen, you can batch close or reopen, delete, and print selected tasks. Select tasks to apply changes to by clicking the check boxes in the task list, then choosing the action from the dropbox.

CaseLink Office

When you add tasks in CaseLink Office, the system will keep you on track with notifications of pending tasks on the Home Page.

Add Tasks

In CaseLink Office, you can add tasks in 2 locations:

1. From the Case Information screen, click on the “Tasks” tab, then click the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen.

2. From the Calendar (accessed by clicking “Calendar” from the Global Menu bar at the top of the screen), select the “Tasks” tab. Click the “New” button on the right side of the screen to create a task.

A “New Task” screen will pop up when adding a task from either of these locations. On this screen, fill in the task details, then click “OK.”

View/Edit Tasks

You can view or edit tasks from the “Tasks” tabs in either the Case Information screen or the Calendar. The Case Information screen will only display tasks for a specific case, whereas the Calendar shows all tasks within the software, which can be filtered by specific cases or criteria.

1. In the Case Information screen, filter tasks by clicking on the “View” link or “View Tasks Assigned To” dropdown at the top of the grid.

To edit or delete a task or tasks in the Case Information screen, select tasks from the grid, then click the “Remove” or “Edit” buttons at the bottom of the screen.

2. In the Calendar screen, find specific tasks by selecting from options at the top of the screen to search by user, current or all cases, or personal tasks. To edit or delete items, select the tasks from the list in the center of the screen, then click the “Edit” or “Delete” buttons a the right side of the screen.