04 May 2016

Growth through Giving: BMS Volunteers at Second Harvest Food Bank in Orange County, CA

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Earlier this month, BMS continued our tradition of giving back to the community. During our Annual Company Meeting. on Tuesday, May 3rd, BMS team members from all across the country visited Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County to pay it forward and give back to those most in need.

At this full-day event, BMS gave back in four different ways:

  1. Team Grocery Shopping Challenge: At the start of the day, BMS team members were grouped into 15 teams of 5-6 participants to buy balanced, healthy food items from our local Albertsons supermarket to donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank. While covering all four major food groups, teams were judged by sodium content, sugars, as well as the most number of items purchased (limiting shopping totals to under $125). We filled 4 cargo holds of our buses with the purchased groceries that were later donated to Second Harvest.
  2. Food Drive Donation:  Following the grocery store challenge, in addition to the purchased groceries, BMS delivered items such as canned fruit and vegetables, rice, dried and canned beans, whole grain cereal, canned meats and fish, and healthy snacks that were donated by our team members in a food drive conducted throughout April .
  3. Packaging Food Items: Upon arrival at the Second Harvest facility, BMS team members headed to the Second Harvest facility to help package food items for needy families. That afternoon, BMS team members prepared over 34,000 pounds of donated food items for distribution to those in need all around Orange County!
  4. Year-Round Donation: In addition to the food drive and grocery shopping challenge items, BMS presented the Second Harvest Food Bank with a donation of $2500 to assist with their efforts year-round.

How can you help? Continue BMS’ efforts by paying it forward yourself! Learn more about the Second Harvest Food Bank and donate by visiting Second Harvest OC or Feeding America.