22 Apr 2016

Go Paperless this Earth Day with BMS

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BMS wants you to really think green this Earth Day! Go paperless in your office to reduce paper usage with the help of BMS technology.

We all know that the new ECF forms are much more voluminous than the old forms. Printing out your documents just got a whole lot more wasteful—both for the environment, and your office.

With a paperless office, not only can you reduce the harmful environmental impact of using paper, but also save on overhead costs by reducing the amount of paper and toner that you have to purchase, be able to better secure the PII in your cases, and find documents much easier through an electronic file system.

Check out some tips to go paperless this Earth Day, below!

  • Annotate PDFs electronically. No longer do you need to print out documents to mark them up by hand—you can easily do so electronically. The Adobe PDF software, as well as the BMS CaseLink Web software, allows you to annotate documents and save your annotations directly within the system. Learn how to annotate documents within Adobe here. To learn how to annotate documents within CaseLink Web, navigate to HelpLink from within your software and search for “Case Documents.”
  • Conduct 341(a) meetings on your laptop. Did you know you can conduct 341(a) meetings with ease from a laptop without having to print multiple prep reports and debtor documents?
    • CaseLink Web: In CaseLink Web, utilize the 341(a) View to access all of the case information you need in your 341(a) meetings. Not online? No problem! Simply do an offline export and upload information back into CaseLink Web after the meeting when you’re back online. To learn how to use the 341(a) module in CaseLink Web, navigate to HelpLink within your software and search for “341(a) View.”
    • CaseLink Office: In CaseLink Office, you can export all of the case information that you need onto your laptop’s hard drive for local use during your 341(a) meetings. To learn how to export to Lite, navigate to HelpLink from within your software and search for “Lite Export.”
  • Use DocLink to manage debtor documents. Communicate and collaborate with debtors and manage debtor documents with ease using DocLink by BMS! Available at no cost to users of CaseLink Web and CaseLink Office, with DocLink you can: request and receive all 341(a) meeting documents online; collaborate with debtors to upload files to a specific, secure location; and access documents anytime, anywhere. Once documents are uploaded to DocLink, the files are automatically retrieved and filed in an appropriate case folder within our document management modules, and each party is immediately notified that the document is available. Learn more about DocLink here.

Want more tips on transforming your trustee practice into a paperless office? Check out our Paperless Office webinar in BMS University here.