02 Sep 2014

Getting Started with Facebook

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Getting Started with Facebook

Our previous article covered the use of LinkedIn to expand your network. This installment of our social media series will cover using the popular social media site – Facebook – to increase the visibility of your business.

Why Businesses Join Facebook

As of March 2014, 1.28 billion people have signed up to use Facebook, with 1.23 billion actively using the site. Your clients undoubtedly use Facebook, and your business can, too. You may already have a personal account with Facebook to keep up with friends and family. By using Facebook’s Pages feature, you can create a business presence on Facebook and raise your visibility with clients (and potential clients) on the world’s most heavily used social network.

Segregating Personal and Business Identities

Professional business people, including fiduciaries, will want to make distinctions between their personal and business identities on Facebook.  A simple way to think about your Facebook Business Page is to think of it as an extension of your place of business. Your Business Page is a place where the professional modes of conduct you use in your workplace apply.

Facebook provides detailed instructions on how to create a Facebook Page. You will want your page to look complete, so aim to fill out the “About” section with a full and accurate description of your business. At the same time, keep in mind that it is your choice how much business information you want to fill out and publish to the Facebook network.

For example, although you will probably want to list your website address under Contact Info, you may want to think twice about the email address and location information you list on your Page, especially if you work from home.

Although you will see both your Facebook personal account and your business Page when you log in to Facebook, the connection between the two accounts won’t be visible to others unless you choose to make it so. For example, on your personal account About page, you can add your Workplace if you want to, which will let people know where you work. Or, you can choose to leave that area blank.

It’s a good idea to use the header image on your business page to show off some aspect of your business. Ideas for pictures you can use include: staff photos, building photos, exhibit photos or a logo against a professional-looking background. Again, think about the privacy implications of the photo before posting, especially if your photo includes people.

Provide Useful Information to Potential Clients

Before you start sharing status updates, photos, and other media, make sure that you and anyone who will be posting to your Facebook business Page understands your marketing strategy. Take some time to think about and to write down what your goals are. Are you trying to raise awareness about your business locally? Do you want to grow your mailing list? The more thought you put into your strategy, the more you’ll get out of Facebook.

One of the main activities businesses engage in on Facebook is sharing content. By sharing content with the people who like your Page, you attract those who may be interested in doing business with you. So think about what types of content would be interesting and valuable to your clients. Are you going to post about major news in your industry? Will you post about milestones in your business?

If you don’t feel ready to answer these questions, don’t worry. Our next article in this series will discuss how to manage your Page on Facebook in more detail.

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