02 Jun 2017

HelpLink is Fresh & New this Summer!

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Being able to quickly find help for our software features is important to both our users as well as BMS. Thus, we’ve revamped the support articles and training videos you know and love to be more easily accessible through our new help platforms!

With new, more powerful search capabilities and the ability to leave comments so that we can improve help content more rapidly, you’ll be able to get your answers faster than ever…whenever you need them.

Check out the updated HelpLink sites for both CaseLink²  and CaseLink Office users below!

  1. CaseLink² Users
  2. CaseLink Office Users

CaseLink² Users

Starting Thursday, June 15th, you’ll be able to access help articles and training videos within CaseLink² Connections, the new private online community exclusively for CaseLink² users. Within this forum, search and find what you’re looking for in a flash, access helpful articles and a variety of self-paced training videos. Plus, you’ll also be able to participate in online bankruptcy discussions or post software questions and product ideas.

You can access help content in two ways through CaseLink²:

  1. Click on the ‘?’ icon on the left side of the global menu along the top
  2. Expand the new “HelpLink” tab on the Alerts Panel on the home screen. (You’ll also find new tabs in the Alerts panel with direct links to “Discussion Forums,” “What’s New,” and “Training Classes” on CaseLink² Connections.)

On CaseLink² Connections, help articles and training videos are easily accessible by performing a search at the top of the screen or by browsing to a specific topic from within the “HelpLink” category.

As part of the the larger online community, you will be able to comment on existing articles and videos to alert us if a topic needs improvement or more specific instructions.

CaseLink² Connections will be available to all CaseLink² users starting Thursday, June 15th!

CaseLink Office Users

Later this month, you will be able to access the new online Help site for CaseLink Office users in two ways:

  1. Go to Help and click ‘CaseLink Help’.
  2. Press the F1 key on your keyboard.
    CaseLink Office > Access Software Help

HelpLink will open in a web browser.

Tip: Drag the web browser window onto your second monitor so that you can look at HelpLink on one screen and work in CaseLink Office on the other.

The new HelpLink portal for CaseLink Office users features a simpler, more intuitive layout with powerful search, convenient training videos, and more! Access help topics and training videos via icons on the Home screen, or the categories in the right sidebar.

To find a specific topic faster, type a term in the search bar on the right side of the screen and click the search icon.

We’ve made access to the most commonly viewed help articles into options on the menu bar (just below the help site logo): 

  • Getting Started
  • What’s New
  • Training Videos

You can also access training videos via links on the home screen or the right sidebar.

On this new help website, you will be able to comment on existing articles and videos to alert us if a topic needs improvement or more specific instructions.

This new help website will be available to all CaseLink Office users later this month. In the meantime, if you want to get a sneak peek, you can visit: http://clofficehelp.bms7.com.