07 Mar 2017

Your Four-Leaf Clover: 341(a) Prep Sheets in CaseLink

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For many years, BMS has provided our clients with the ability to generate summarized case data from within CaseLink in the form of 341(a) Prep Sheets [aka 341(a) Prep Report]. These Prep Sheets pull in data from the bankruptcy petition and various schedules and display the key information for you in an easy-to-digest summary report; however, many trustees chose not to adopt using these reports when they were first introduced as they had their own way to manually prepare for 341(a) meetings.

Those trustees who did start using the Prep Reports generated through the software have found a significant reduction in the time it takes them to prepare for their 341(a) meeting dockets and a relatively smooth transition when the the new bankruptcy forms were introduced in December 2015.

Trustees that continue to do their own manual preparation, on the other hand, have found that it takes about twice as long to prepare for their 341(a) docket since the new bankruptcy forms were introduced.

But it’s not too late…you can still leap for joy at the time you can save with automated and customizable 341(a) preparation with BMS! In CaseLink, generate custom 341(a) Prep Sheets that summarize key case data like magic – here’s how:

  1. CaseLink²
  2. CaseLink Office


In CaseLink², prepare for your 341(a) meetings in a snap with a selection of customizable Prep Sheet options. Plus, save tons of time with automatically imported case data!

Step 1: Choose Your Prep Sheet Template(s)

To create Prep Sheets, you’ll need to choose one of the standard templates or customize your own through our 341(a) Prep Sheet creator.

To access the creator, navigate to Profile > Customize > 341(a) Prep Sheet.

On this screen, select Standard (pre-built) or Customizable prep sheets from the tabs listed. At the top of the screen, choose whether you would like to save a Prep Sheet document for each case, compile all case data into a single document, or both.

Standard Prep Sheets

Standard Prep Sheets are pre-loaded templates in the software that you can sample by clicking “Preview” in the viewing window on the right.

To select one or more standard Prep Sheets, click on the check box below each template.

Customizable Prep Sheets

Customizable Prep Sheets allow you to choose what information you would like to include in your prep sheet. To create a new Customizable prep sheet, select “New” from the right side of the screen.

You can use the template as it is presented, or choose a case to model what information you’d like to include. To do this, start typing a case name in the search bar at the top of the screen, and select a case from the resulting list. Then, click the search icon to include the case fields in the template.

Choose the information you want to include by selecting or deselecting checkboxes in each section. You can also change the order of sections by clicking the blue bar at the top of a section and dragging it to your preferred location. Once you have finalized your prep sheet, click “Next” at the top of the screen.

On the resulting screen, add a name and comment to your Prep Sheet, then click “Save.”

Note: You can choose to have more than one Prep Sheet template available for use in CaseLink².

Step 2: Generate Prep Sheets

To generate Prep Sheets in CaseLink², navigate to the 341(a) View from the top navigation. On this screen, select the cases you would like to load into the 341(a) Prep Sheet from the checkboxes next to each case in the list. Narrow your results by selecting the Trustee Case Set and Division from the drop-down menus at the top of the screen.

Once you have chosen the cases you want to include, click the “Select Action” dropdown and select the Prep Sheet template you would like to use.

A PDF document (or documents, depending on your profile preferences) with all of your case data will be automatically downloaded to your local drive as well as saved to your Global or Case Documents (as appropriate).

And that’s it!

CaseLink Office

In CaseLink Office, prep for your 341(a) meetings in a snap with a merge report that captures information from your cases and presents them in a single, customizable template.

To create your 341(a) Prep Report, navigate to the ‘341(a) Wkst’ tab in the Left Navigation Menu on the far left side of the screen.

In this tab, select the 341(a) meeting date* from the drop-down menus at the top of the screen, and click “Go” to populate the correct cases on the bottom of the grid. Uncheck any cases you do not want a prep sheet created for.

*Tip:  You can choose “Today’s Meeting” to go to the meeting held today (if appropriate) or choose “Last Meeting Held” if today is not the date of the meeting.

To merge the documents for these selected cases, click the “Print Worksheet” button at the bottom of the screen.

In the resulting 341(a) Reports Window, check “Print Worksheets” and uncheck the other 2 options. Click on the drop down in the ‘Report File’ box and choose the file name ‘341aPrep.doc.’ Then, click “Merge.”

This will create a prep sheet for each case listed on the 341a Worksheet. In this document, you can move around or delete sections to your preferences.

And that’s it!