04 Feb 2013

TrustWorks Helps You Manage all types of Liquidations Smarter

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TrustWorks Helps You Manage all types of Liquidations Smarter

TrustWorks by BMSHave you ever turned down an engagement outside of Chapter 7 where you act as a Fiduciary simply because you didn’t have the infrastructure or resources in place to manage it efficiently? If so, we have a simple, inexpensive solution for you.

If you are already acting as a fiduciary but rely on Excel, Quickbooks, or manual workarounds, we have a better option for you – TrustWorks.

BMS has provided Trustee Offices with software and support necessary to help manage Chapter 7 cases for over 25 years. Our software, TrustWorks, offers that same level of case management and banking automation you use for Chapter 7 cases and includes more flexibility to be able to manage Liquidating and Post-Confirmation Chapter 11 cases, receiverships and a whole host of other liquidation engagements. TrustWorks automates what many professionals do manually in Excel or Quickbooks, and our back office support and integrated banking functions allows a small office or one-person company to compete for business with the largest firms in the industry.

Let us help you streamline your distributions.  Whether they are complex or straightforward, our methods make reserves and disputes trouble-free. And, with built-in check-writing functionality, you can print checks from your desktop – exactly the same way you do in CaseLink Office.

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TrustWorks can help you manage your liquidating engagements outside of Chapter 7 Bankruptcies smarter.
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