04 Feb 2013

CaseLink Office version 13.12 Releases this Month


CaseLink Office version 13.12 Releases this Month

Provides more Flexibility, better Handbook Compliance and greater Integration with Rabobank

CaseLink OfficeAs the last of the migrations of BMS client bank accounts from BNY Mellon to Rabobank, N.A. came to a conclusion at the end of January, we are excited to announce that an upgrade to CaseLink Office is available this month. This latest upgrade, version 13.12, includes a combination of new features and improvements to existing functionality in order to allow you to be more productive when you do your work inside CaseLink Office. Although we had these enhancements ready-to-go, we had to wait until all clients were at Rabobank before we could go live with many of these improvements.Some of the highlights of this new release include:


  • Ability to request TINs from Rabobank through CaseLink Office and Homepage reminders for W-9s that require signatures
  • Accounts on Form 2 will be sorted from oldest to newest by default – first Chase, then BNY Mellon and, finally, Rabobank
  • Field on the Outgoing Wire Transfer Request form will be pre-populated 

User Interface:

  • An updated interface for QuikDocs to match the new look for CaseLink Office

341(a) & ECF:

  • 341(a) Meeting Date and Time fields will be auto-updated to reflect any changes made by the Court eliminating the need to cross reference PACER to check for updated dates and ensuring you have the most up-to-date information for your 341(a) meeting calendar.

Assets & Forms:

  • Verify Assets (update or remove assets) before committing as final and reporting on Form 1. Helps streamline information submitted to your UST
  • A correction was made to the assets abandoned formula

Please be sure to upgrade to CaseLink Office version 13.12 when you are prompted later this month in order to take advantage of these and other productivity-enhancing features.

Reminder about LITE

Remember, as with any CaseLink Office upgrade, please make sure to sync your LITE exports before you begin the upgrade process. Also, please make sure to upgrade all systems in your office – including any systems running LITE.

Questions about Upgrading?

Please contact the BMS Support Center at 800-634-7734 ext. 6, or via email.

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  1. I would like to see the Debtors’ employer imported into the DSO screen from Schedule I

    • Hi Edna,
      Thank you for the feedback. It’s input from users like you that help us make CaseLink Office better for everyone. We’ll look into your request for a future release of CaseLink Office.

      – The BMS Product Team

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