08 Sep 2014

Enhanced Security for Wire Verifications in CaseLink Web

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Banking Tip:

Ensure Account Information is Current for Wire Verifications in CaseLink Web Software

WireVerificationIn order to provide greater security to clients, Rabobank is asking that all BMS clients take the following actions to secure their banking processes:

  1. Ensure the phone number in Profile Details is listed correctly for wire verifications inside your CaseLink Web software.
  2. Set up or update your security challenge questions in CaseLink WebIf you use more than one software platform, we recommend that you keep the answers to your security challenge questions consistent between both platforms. Rabobank dos not look up your answers for CaseLink Web if you submit a wire transfer through TrustWorks.
  3. Complete the Outgoing Wire Request Form IN FULL from within your BMS software. As an added level of security, each Outgoing Wire Request must originate from within the BMS software with all information typed in (except for the authorized signature). No handwriting or cross-outs are allowed on the form. You may not update a PDF version of an Outgoing Wire Request Form either – any changes MUST be made from within the BMS software. In addition, please make sure to enter the correct date and currency type when generating the Outgoing Wire Request Form.
  4. Remember to send the Outgoing Wire Request Form to the Rabobank fax number or email address listed on the form. Fax numbers and email addresses change from time to time; however, the correct fax number and email address is always listed on the Outgoing Wire Request Form that you print out from your BMS software. Always make sure to send your forms to the number that is listed on the form rather than one that may have been pre-programmed in your fax machine.

Step 1: Update Profile Phone Number to be Used for Wire Verifications

Each BMS client will want to ensure that the phone number for their wire verifications is correct because this is the official verification phone number that Rabobank will have on file. And this is the same phone number that Rabobank will use to call and confirm with the trustee.

To update your phone number in CaseLink Web, follow these steps:

  1. From the Global Tool Bar select Profile and then Trustee Profile Details.
  2. Go to Phone and under Primary add/change the phone number.
  3. Click Save.CLWphone

Step 2: Set up or Update Security Challenge Questions

Security challenge questions are used to verify the identity of a person by the BMS Banking Center (and soon Rabobank). As such, make sure that all staff using BMS software is set up and current with their security challenge questions. An audit on privileges should be performed on every BMS software user. This will ensure that they know the answers to all three of their security challenge questions, in case they need to call the BMS Banking Center with a banking question or if Rabobank needs to verify a banking transaction such as an outgoing wire request.

To set up, verify and update security challenge questions for each CaseLink Web user, follow these steps: 

  1. From the Global Tool Bar select Profile and then Manage Profile.
  2. Choose the Trustee and corresponding Staff member for review, then under the Customize tab select Security Questions.
    CLW Profile Update
  3. Finally, select three different security Questions and Answers from the drop-down lists. Once completed click Submit to save. It is important to remember these questions and answers, as the Rabobank Specialty Deposits group will need this information when verifying most banking transactions.CLW Profile Question

Trustees should expect to be asked at least one of the challenge questions when verifying wires. Knowing your challenge questions will help to avoid any delays that may arise with your outgoing wire verifications.

Step 3: Originate all new Outgoing Wire Request Forms from within BMS software

When you upgrade to the next release of CaseLink Web, an updated Outgoing Wire Request Form will be included. You may begin using this new form immediately.

BMS would like to remind all clients that this form must be completed in accordance with Rabobank’s Wire Transfer policy to prevent rejections by Rabobank:

  1. All Outgoing Wire Request forms must originate from within BMS software. As an added security measure, all new outgoing wire requests must be originated from within CaseLink Web (or TrustWorks). All appropriate field values must be typed within the software and the form will include those details when printed.
  2. No Handwriting Allowed – Trying to read someone else’s writing leaves room for error; therefore, Rabobank requests no handwritten information on the wire forms – except for the Authorized Signature and Date.
  3. No Cross-Outs Allowed – In order to avoid unauthorized tampering, cross-outs are not allowed either.
  4. Complete Entire Receiving Bank Address or Leave Completely Blank – If only part of the receiving bank address is filled in, the wire will be rejected. If you don’t know the complete receiving bank address, leave the entire section blank and it will be determined by Rabobank.
  5. Wire requests must be dated no earlier than 1 business day prior to the wire request 12:30 pm PT cut-off time. For example, if a request is submitted today before 12:30 pm PT, then it may be dated with yesterday’s date; however, if the request is submitted after 12:30 pm PT today, then the form must have today’s date on it.

Step 4: Send Outgoing Wire Request Forms to Rabobank Specialty Deposits

Please pay special attention to the fax number and email address that print on outgoing wire request form. As an additional measure to prevent fraud, Rabobank will be automatically rejecting any outgoing wire requests that are not sent directly to their fax number or email address which are listed on the form. We recommend that you check any pre-programmed fax numbers to be in sync with the fax number that is on the form – especially after a software upgrade. Please note that the Outgoing Wire Request Form is the only form that should be sent to Rabobank as all other banking-related forms and inquiries will continue to be processed through the BMS Banking Center.

By making sure your information is updated within CaseLink Web and following Rabobank’s procedures outlined in this article, your outgoing wire requests will be processed without delay at Rabobank. If you have any questions about Rabobank’s new banking security policies or outgoing wire verifications, please contact the BMS Banking Center via email or call 800-634-7734 ext. 8.