23 Apr 2014

Encryption | Part 2: Encryption Software Options

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Encryption | Part 2: Encryption Software Options

As previously communicated, the EOUST has set a May 1, 2014 deadline for you to encrypt all laptops, external hard drives and USB (flash) drives that contain data related to the administration of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

Last week, we recommended that you take additional measures before you start the encryption process to ensure you can recover your data once it is encrypted as passwords can be lost or forgotten or the encryption software can cause your hard drive to fail – each resulting in a complete loss of data.

Remember, before you start encrypting your data:

  1. Conduct a disaster recovery audit with an IT Professional
  2. Employ a 3rd-party Cloud-based data backup service
  3. Restore data from the backup

Encryption Software Options

This week, now that you’ve had a chance to properly prepare for the encryption process and ensure that you can recover your data from a backup, we would like to provide you with an encryption software option that is being used by some BMS clients (which have also been tested by the BMS hardware team).

WARNING: Make sure you have performed a full backup of your system and tested doing a restore of your data from the backup before attempting to encrypt. If you are unclear about backup solutions, please refer to the email sent by BMS last week titled Encryption | Part 1: Getting Prepared or contact your IT professional for options.

Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption


  • Easy to Use!
  • Time to encrypt your drive is a little faster than most competitors
  • Technical support available by email


  • Technical support not provided over the phone
  • Costs money but BMS has secured a 40% discount for Trustees

> Learn More about Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption
> Purchase Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption
> Read the 4-page BMS How-to Guide: Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption for Laptops

Note: The software options listed above are not to be considered as recommendations. You may choose any software that meets the encryption requirements set forth by the EOUST.

Important Reminder About Your Encryption Password

It is critical that you remember this password, as once this password is set and the contents of the drive are encrypted, you MUST use this password to access the machine. If you forget the password, your drive, data, etc. will be inaccessible and result in a total data loss that cannot be recovered by BMS or another IT professional. All data, applications and documents will have to be re-loaded from your backup.

See also: Dealing with External Drives

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