18 Apr 2014

Encryption | Part 1: Getting Prepared

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Encryption | Part 1: Getting Prepared

As previously communicated, the EOUST has set a May 1, 2014 deadline for you to encrypt all laptops, external hard drives and USB (flash) drives that contain data related to the administration of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

In advance of the encryption information that we will be disseminating next week, we recommend that you take these additional measures before you start the encryption process to ensure you can recover your data once it is encrypted:

  1. Conduct a disaster recovery audit with an IT Professional
  2. Employ a 3rd-party Cloud-based data backup service
  3. Restore data from the backup

Why are these measures Essential before Encryption

  1. Disaster Recovery Audit – Once your data is encrypted, should you experience a disaster such as forgetting your encryption password or having a drive fail, it will be impossible for BMS or any 3rd-party IT professional to recover your encrypted data. BMS highly suggests that you work with an experienced IT professional now, before you begin encrypting drives, to determine the process of how you will be able to recover your data in order to continue your work in case of a disaster.
  2. Cloud-based Backup – If you back up to BMS, your Chapter 7 CaseLink data is recoverable; however, please note that your QuikDocs, any non-Chapter 7 documents and data as well as downloaded emails are not backed up to BMS. It is essential that your entire practice is covered and that all of your data is backed up regularly in the event of a disaster.
  3. Restore from Backup – You will want to ensure that your backup systems are working properly before you experience any sort of disaster…and prior to encrypting your data. Confirm that you are backing up everything you need to do your work including documents, emails and applications.

Employ Cloud-based Backup Services to Cover Your Entire Practice

With the added complexity of the encryption requirements, BMS no longer supports backing up your data onto external hard drives. We suggest that you look to using more reliable, Cloud-based data backup services as these are now proven and are readily available. Some BMS clients already use:

Carbonite Pro:

  • Many trustees currently use this software for their offsite backup needs and the EOUST called it “a viable online backup solution” at the NABT Spring Seminar earlier this month.
  • Click here for pricing information.
  • Contact the Carbonite Sales Team: (855) 227-2249.

CrashPlan Pro:

  • Companies such as Amazon, NBC News, PCWorld, Adobe and Cisco utilize CrashPlan for their backup solution.
  • Click here for pricing information.
  • Contact the CrashPlan Sales Team: (855) 411-4242. Select option 1 and ask to be transferred to Sales.

When you employ any online backup solution, DO NOT use the CONTINUOUS option to back up your CaseLink Data. The backup should be scheduled to run during late night hours when everyone has exited CaseLink – similar to how you may currently back up your data.

Encryption Software Information Coming Next Week

Early next week, BMS will be providing you with encryption software information once we have completed our tests of the most viable encryption solutions. In addition, BMS will be distributing a recorded webinar with your encryption options to help you meet this requirement.