04 Sep 2013

Lighting Strike Reveals an Electrifying Response

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Lighting Strike Reveals and Electrifying Response

TeresaBenderAlthough Floridians are no strangers to frequent summer thunderstorms, Trustee Theresa Bender was not prepared for what this storm was about to bring her way. She was closing out for the night and, before shutting down her computer, she heard a loud bang followed by a blinding flash of white light. To Theresa’s surprise, lightning had struck, splitting the tree outside her office, causing her to lose all power. What’s a trustee to do when in such dire straits? Call BMS!

She immediately called the BMS Hardware team to apprise them of the situation and determine what she needed to do next. Hardware Technician, Dan Schroeder, was the first team member to assist her. After assessing her situation over the phone, he arranged to have new equipment shipped out to her the next day. Then, he arranged to have Field Technician, Andy Manuel, go out to install the new equipment as well as determine if any other computer-related issues needed to be addressed. Theresa was very impressed, stating that our newest field team member “got onboard really quick.”

Since Theresa lives in a relatively remote area, it took longer than expected for our technician to get her Internet provider out to help her. “We ended up keeping Andy with us for quite a few days,” recalled Theresa. “It’s almost like we adopted him – he was very accommodating”. While waiting for Internet service, Theresa informed her court of the situation and they assisted her as well. She was extremely grateful to, at least, complete her 341(a) meetings.

With over 500 open asset cases, Theresa could not afford to be down for long. Thanks to supercharged teamwork—Dan’s quick assessment along with Andy’s hard work and the support of Theresa’s court—Theresa was able to keep her business moving forward.

At BMS, we strongly value collaboration and teamwork. Working together enables us to provide you the highest possible level of service – all a part of the BMS advantage.