04 Jun 2014

Easily View Large Case Data with Exports in CaseLink Office

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Product Tip:

If you are working on large cases that involve hundreds of claims, the ability to export and sort data is critical when trying to validate cases. The export tool in CaseLink Office enables you to view this very detailed data in Excel format. By exporting this data you will be able to search and sort through significant amounts of claims, assets and transaction data from your cases in CaseLink Office. These exports will also provide you with additional fields not visible within the software. For example, when viewing claims in CaseLink Office you will not see the ‘last proposed’ field. However, once you export the claims out of CaseLink Office you will be able to clearly see the ‘last proposed’ field allowing you to easily identify claims that have already had a previous distribution.

To get started with accessing the Export feature in CaseLink Office go to the tool bar and locate the drop down fields under File>System Utilities>Export.


The Export Data box will appear.

Section 1

Click on the Review Cases button to choose the cases you want to include in the export. By default, CaseLink Office will include the most recent cases reviewed. 

If you would prefer to to pull a case list from an existing SnapShot, click on the Select Cases button to choose a specific case.


Section 2

Choose the type of data to export from the Select output file contents drop down list.


Section 3

Next, name the output file and choose where to save the file.  By default, CaseLink will save the export to the Export folder within the BMSW directory.


Section 4

Choose the type of report format you would like to display the export data in from the drop down list.


Section 5

Finally, export the file by clicking on the Export button. Once completed, click OK in the Microsoft Visual Foxpro Box.


As you can see, exporting data out of CaseLink Office can provide convenient ways to use any queried data as a report. The exports are also a great way to provide third parties with any additional information they may need.

Watch the Live Webinar on Tuesday, June 17th

To learn more about Exporting Data, make sure to sign up for our June 17th training at 12pm (EST). To join the webinar, log into the BMS Training Portal to sign up for the webinar hosted by BMS Manager of Training and Development, Karrie Spies.

To view the webinar:
1) Log into https://bms7.webex.com/
2) Click on Training Center.
3) Under Live Sessions click on the Upcoming Tab.
4) Locate and click on the June 17th topic titled “Exporting Data“.
5) Click on “Add to My Calendar” to ensure you don’t miss this info.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the steps shown above, please feel free to contact the BMS Support Center via email or call 800-634-7734, ext. 6.