12 Jun 2013

DocLink Helps Lighten Load for this Raving Fan

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DocLink Helps Lighten Load for this Raving Fan

tulisMark Tulis, a Chapter 7 Trustee from White Plains, NY, shared with us how DocLink has changed the way he manages his 341(a) meeting documents. Like many trustees, Mark finds himself traveling to several locations for his 341(a) meetings. In doing so, he would have to carry up to 4 boxes of files with him – each time! He says “This is not only time consuming but it can lead to unnecessary exposure risk to sensitive files.” By converting to DocLink, his paper files are gone and Mark has literally lightened his load. “When going to court now, I only need one bag for files.” By putting all of this information into DocLink Mark says, “I no longer need to worry about losing tax returns or exposing sensitive social security information.” DocLink not only keeps sensitive information secure but it also doesn’t require Mark to utilize additional storage space for files since everything is accessible through the Cloud.

With DocLink, Mark has better document control too. “Now when someone tells me that the requested paperwork has been submitted, I can easily check DocLink to confirm if that is true. The computer doesn’t lie.” Mark tells us that most debtor attorneys in the White Plains area who have moved over to DocLink have adjusted quite well to uploading documents to the secure portal. Dealing with less paperwork is one thing but having better control over file confirmations is invaluable. Less paperwork, better control. What more could you ask for?

Although most trustees in his area still use traditional paper documents, Mark has become quite an advocate by telling other trustees about the advantages of using DocLink. In other parts of the country, the majority of trustees use DocLink daily and can’t imagine ever going back to paper again.

Join Mark and try DocLink for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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