03 Jun 2015

Do Not Upgrade to Windows 10 – Not Compatible with PACER

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Do Not Upgrade to Windows 10 – Not Compatible with PACER

Microsoft is launching Windows 10 this summer, and you will start seeing prompts to upgrade your system software.

Due to an existing incompatibility between the new web browser in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, and PACER, BMS clients are asked to not upgrade any BMS-issued computer equipment to Windows 10.

Microsoft is planning on offering free upgrades to users with valid Windows 7 and 8 license keys for the first year—an idea that initially sounds tempting; however, you may have to pay for a subscription in order to use any features beyond basic Windows 10 functionality. Should you disregard our advice and upgrade BMS-issued computer equipment, you will be responsible for the Windows 10 subscription.

The BMS Hardware Team continually monitors and tests new operating systems, browsers, and system updates for conflicts that might affect BMS clients. When Windows 10 is ready to support the needs of BMS clients, we will communicate that news to you. If you have any questions, please contact the Hardware Support Technicians at the BMS Support Center for assistance.