02 Oct 2013

Discover the Advanced Search Function in CaseLink Web

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Trustee Tip:

Discover the Advanced Search Function in CaseLink Web

Do you ever find yourself having to search for multiple items in CaseLink Web? For instance, you might be trying to find all open asset cases with a TFR and a zero balance in order to work on your TDRs. If so, CaseLink Web’s Advanced Search feature is the tool for you.

CaseLink Web contains two different search options. The general search function and the “Advanced Search” feature. This advanced feature enables you to search for cases by status, dates, data, tags and professionals. You can do this by linking together multiple search criteria items, as mentioned in the example above. This can help you by locating similar cases that all meet the same criteria. Follow the steps below to learn more about this valuable CaseLink Web feature.

The “Advanced Search” function (Figure 1) is located to the far right of the screen.  In the Advanced Search pane, Case Type, is the first search criteria item – choose to look for Asset Cases, No Asset Cases or Both.  Several tabs are organized below the Case Type selection to provide you with easy access to various search options. Tags can also be added for additional filtering.


Figure 1


Tabs containing active search criteria will turn green and while the current tab that is selected will display in dark blue (Figure 2). Once you click on the “Search” button at the bottom, voila!, only the cases that match the exact selection criteria entered will be displayed.


Figure 2


These results (Figure 3) can either be accessed immediately or exported out as a comma-separated value (CSV) file.


Figure 3


Need to change your selection criteria? No problem! Clear out the search criteria by clicking “Restore Default” (Figure 4).


Figure 4


The extended search capabilities built into the “Advanced” feature were designed to help trustees save time to find and filter just the needed cases in a very short time.

Are there other features in CaseLink Web that are tremendous time savers for you? Let us know or share your tips and tricks with other trustees below.