06 Jul 2016

Disable Alerts for Speedier Surfing in CaseLink Web

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Surf through CaseLink Web with the wind at your fingertips! A new feature in a recent update of CaseLink Web allows you to disable alerts that you do not use on the home page – significantly speeding up your software experience. When disabled, specific alerts are turned off and hidden from view, but can be turned back on to display on the home page at any time.

Check out how to use this totally awesome feature, below!

How to Hide/Show Alerts

To hide or show alerts on your homepage, navigate to your Profile from the top menu, then click “Alerts Options” on the right-hand side.

On the Alerts Options screen, click “Hide” to hide an alert, and “Show” to show an alert. It’s that easy!


With this small change, you’ll be riding waves of boosted productivity from your sped-up system!